Sizing & Care

Doggspot Blankets 

Placemat 18x27 inches 

Crate 27x36 inches

Chair 36x54 inches

Couch 54x54 inches

All blanket pictures on this page taken on a typical size arm chair 37x37 inches.

Care:All of Doggspot Designs blankets are hand cut, pinned, and sewn with love. They are made with two layers of cloth; one side is fleece for comfort, the other is outdoor fabric for hair, stain, and water resistance. Doggspot blankets can be easily washed with mild detergent on a gentle cycle and line dry. In between washes they can be shaken outdoors, and carefully vacuumed with a brush attachment.

 What size is right for your pet?

Doggspot Designs recommends...

Placemat 18x27" for under your pets bowl

Crate 27x36" for pets 30lbs and under 

Chair 36x54"  for 60lbs and under

 Couch 54x54" for 100lbs and under


 Dog Bandanas

CARE: All of Doggspot Designs bandanas are hand cut, pinned, and sewn with love. They are made with two layers of cotton quilting cloth. This makes them very versatile, as they are doubled sided just like the original Doggspot Designs blanket line. Wash with mild detergent on a gentle cycle and line dry, a cool iron may be needed.


XSM 18" $16 (Tea-cup size dog)

SM 26" $20 (Schnauzers, Jack Russell, Pug, Frenchie etc..)

MED 30" $20 (Labs, Spaniels, Border Collie, Aussies...)

LG 35" $22 (Ridgebacks, Goldens, Rotweiler...)

XLG 40" $24   Made to order if fabric is available.

The measurement given is for the longest side of the triangular bandana shape. (The side that would be tied around the pets neck) If you are unsure measure your dogs neck or collar to get the best fit. 


Face Mask:

Hand made face mask made with washable cotton. Each mask is double layered, quality cotton on exterior and cotton lining on interior. Placement of fabric pattern varies on each mask. Elastics are sewn into each corner. There are two pleats sewn into each side to offer a custom fit.


Child 7" x 2.25" extends to 4.45"

Adult 8.25" x 2.5" extends to 5.25"

Big Dog XL 9" x 4.25" extends to 7.25"

Here are a few simple instructions on how to keep your mask laundered. 

Wash on Gentle

Line Dry or Low Air Dry Setting

Cool Iron if Desired


NOT MEDICAL GRADED these masks will not stop you from getting any medical illness. They meet current CDC guidelines for face coverings, the CDC also suggests washing all fabric items you receive through the mail. The CDC does not recommend any child under 3 years wear a mask.

No returns due to sanitary reasons.


Dog Slip-Thru Neck Ties:

Doggspot Designs handmade pet ties are great for any animal that wears a collar. They are double sided which means the back looks as nice as the front. They are made with high quality quilting cotton and sewn with love for you and your pet.

You simply slide the cinch down, slip collar through the top loop, and cinch back up. Here are the sizes:

SM 6.5"  $20 - Boston Terrier, Frenchie, Mini Schnauzer, Cavalier, Pug

MED 10"   $20 -Border Collie, Aussie, Laborador, Doodles, Boxer, Golden        Retriever


Collar Bows:


A Doggspot Collar Bow is meant to be a dog version of a hair bow worn by young ladies, only you tie it on your pups collar (hence the name). A Collar Bow is a great accessory, simply tie the bow directly on the collar (up to 1” collar) and it will stay or can be slid to your desired collar area. They are made with high quality quilting cotton and interfacing to give stability to the product. Spot clean only with mild soap and water. 


ONE-SIZE 8” long-fits a 1” collar best  $12.00