About Doggspot

Just before my husband and I got married we brought home the cutest black lab puppy. We named him Beau, and for the first few years, he grew into the most handsome mischief-maker. As the years went by, he became the best companion and protector of our twin boys as well as the protector of our home. Too soon Beau died. Like most people we were not prepared for this. 

One day my husband and I were searching a pet adoption website, so many dogs needed homes. How could we not adopt. We saw a picture of the most precious border collie mix, who was about 12 weeks old. We fell head over heels in love. Lucy arrived on Mother’s Day weekend 2015. She is a great playmate for our young boys, and she has completed our family!

How did you come up with your logo?…

When Lucy was a young pup, she had a perfect little black polka dot on the bottom of her pink paw pads. I thought it would make a great logo, but I was never going to be sewing for dogs…well by December of 2015, that is just what my plan was! That was when I noticed that Lucy had taken over a spot in our home. I was okay with that but wanted to protect my chair. I started shopping for a blanket that was above the rest, but I couldn't  find what I was looking for. I now had this burning idea in my head for a dog blanket that matched my home’s decor, was soft and warm, and was functional. After a few prototypes, I came up with the original design for Doggspots. I had created a dog blanket that fit all my needs and Lucy’s, too.

“Doesn’t every pet deserve a Doggspot?”