Doggspots, not just for Dogs!

Doggspots, not just for Dogs!

 A Doggspot Designs pet blanket is the right one for you, even if you don't own a dog. Heck, my children even have one! Doggspots are designed for any animal that needs a comfy place to sit, while also offering protection from animal stains or wear and tear.

The  outdoor/indoor fabric makes it easy to shake off, vacuum off (using brush attachment), or wash off (gentle cycle, mild detergent, line dry) pet hair. There is nothing worse than your nice furniture or carpets being ruined by your pet. Now you can gain protection using Doggspot Designs blankets that actually look great and accent your homes decor. 

Check out my new friend Annabel, here on her Doggspot blanket in a size medium!

Take a look, I am sure one of Doggspots bold prints will make life with your pet easier.

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